Over the centuries

2008-2010 - XXIst century

2008-2010 : The restoration of the roofs of the Marble Courtyard

In 2007, to repair the damage caused by the storm of 1999, work began on the restoration of the roofs of the central part of the Palace facing the town: restoration of the timber framework and roof slates, consolidation or replacement of the sculpted elements – balustrades, allegories and flame pots – replacement and gilding of the dormer windows and the lead and zinc ridge-pieces, as well as repairs to architectural elements around the inner courtyards. This work, which benefitted from the support of the Monnoyeur group, is gradually giving back to the Palace its baroque splendour which combines a rich variety of sculptured elements with polychrome patterns.

Present-day view of the Marble Courtyard, 2010, Versailles, châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon © EPV/Jean-Marc Manaï

Marble Courtyard in Versailles